• Pitt's FY 2014-15 State Funding

    Pitt's state appropriation would remain at $136.2 million under a Pennsylvania budget that Gov. Tom Corbett has proposed for the 2014-15 fiscal year—the same state funding that the University received in 1995 in absolute dollars of support, with no inflationary adjustment.

  • How Pitt Has Cut Costs

    The University has created efficiencies, cut costs, raised revenue from federal research grants and private fundraising, and tightened its overall budget. Learn More »

  • Pitt’s Value

    The University is a major contributor to Pennsylvania education, the state’s economy, and the community. Learn More »

  • Updates

    Government abandonment of its parnership with research universities could derail Pennsylvania's economic transformation, Chancellor Mark A. Nordenberg writes in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Read updates and op-ed pieces by the chancellor and other Pitt officials.

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    Browse through an archive of news and editorials about Pitt and its importance to Pennsylvania.