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February 29, 2012, Statement of Chancellor Mark A. Nordenberg Before the Pennsylvania Senate Appropriations Committee

Overall state funding would be reduced by less than one-tenth of 1 percent or $22.456 million. The cuts proposed just for Pitt are more than double that amount.

Statement of Chancellor Mark A. Nordenberg Before the Pennsylvania House of Representatives Appropriations Committee February 22, 2012

Unfortunately, what almost certainly will prove to be most memorable about 2012 is that an already brutal budget year has been made far worse by another proposal for deep and disproportionate cuts.

When State Support Lags

“Put most simply, it is not possible for any university to sustain public university tuition rates if it is not supported like a public university,” Chancellor Nordenberg tells the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

State Senate Appropriations Panel Visits Pitt

Chancellor Nordenberg, trustees chair Stephen Tritch, Carnegie Mellon University's president, and others gave presentations to committee members.

Chancellor Issues July 8, 2011, Update, 'Budget Building in the Face of Historic Cuts'

The year just closed was another in an unbroken succession of years characterized by high performance and remarkable progress at Pitt.

Chancellor Issues March 8, 2011, Statement Responding to Appropriation Cuts Announced by Gov. Tom Corbett

Today, March 8, 2011, is another date that may long be remembered in the history of higher education in Pennsylvania. However, it will be remembered in a far less positive way…

Universities Create Jobs, Too

Pennsylvania's state-related schools do more than educate, writes Chancellor Mark A. Nordenberg and the presidents of Lincoln, Penn State, and Temple.

'A Decade of Distinction and Impact at Pitt'

Chancellor Nordenberg's statement during appearances together with the leadership of Penn State, Temple, and Lincoln at the annual funding hearings of the Pennsylvania House and Senate Appropriations Committees on Feb. 23 and March 3, 2011, respectively.

Pitt: A Powerful Force in Building Brighter Tomorrows

Chancellor Nordenberg's Winter 2011 Report to Pitt's Board of Trustees, delivered on Feb. 25.

Chancellor Issues Jan. 6, 2011, Update, 'Closing a Tough, but Triumphant, Year and Facing Continuing Challenges'

Unfortunately, [the state budget allocation] challenges cannot be viewed simply as “problems of the past.”