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Nordenberg discusses state of higher education
Pennsylvania Senator's query about a higher education 'coordinating council' draws cold shoulder from university presidents
Nordenberg: Pitt back to the levels of state support received in 1995
Pennsylvania education budget gets mixed reviews
Corbett unveils budget with focus on schools, pensions
University of Pittsburgh requests 5 percent more money from Pennsylvania for academic year
Concern about student debt load convinces lawmakers of need for more funding for universities
Corbett unveils budget proposal
Mark A. Nordenberg: We must invest in innovation to perpetuate Pittsburgh's progress
Pitt approves tuition hike for upcoming year
Penn State trustees hike tuition rates
Pitt slightly increases tuition
University of Pittsburgh Approves 3% Tuition Hike
University of Pittsburgh hikes tuition 2.8 percent
3 percent tuition hike approved for Pa. public universities
Pennsylvania universities stave off deeper budget cuts
Regional Insights: The high cost of college dropouts
Pitt trustees raise tuition rates
Pennsylvania public universities say they'll limit tuition increases
Governor Corbett signs new state budget