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Still No State Budget
Tax proposals in Pa. budget plan remain contentious
Governor proposes almost 11% hike in Pitt appropriation
Pennsylvania-owned universities, Pitt seek sharply higher state funding
A renaissance requires investment, and Pennsylvania falls far short in support of public higher education
Proposed budget has few increases for education in Pennsylvania
Nordenberg discusses state of higher education
Pennsylvania Senator's query about a higher education 'coordinating council' draws cold shoulder from university presidents
Nordenberg: Pitt back to the levels of state support received in 1995
Pennsylvania education budget gets mixed reviews
Corbett unveils budget with focus on schools, pensions
University of Pittsburgh requests 5 percent more money from Pennsylvania for academic year
Concern about student debt load convinces lawmakers of need for more funding for universities
Corbett unveils budget proposal
Mark A. Nordenberg: We must invest in innovation to perpetuate Pittsburgh's progress
Pitt approves tuition hike for upcoming year
Penn State trustees hike tuition rates
Pitt slightly increases tuition
University of Pittsburgh Approves 3% Tuition Hike
University of Pittsburgh hikes tuition 2.8 percent