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3 percent tuition hike approved for Pa. public universities
Pennsylvania universities stave off deeper budget cuts
Regional Insights: The high cost of college dropouts
Pitt trustees raise tuition rates
Pennsylvania public universities say they'll limit tuition increases
Governor Corbett signs new state budget
Corbett agrees to restore budget
Educate yourself, guv
Gov. Corbett's cuts 'make university tuition go up'
Universities pledge lower tuition hikes
State Senate panel approves plan to restore some education funds
Senate weighs state spending plan
Pitt's Bradford administrators to run Titusville campus
Senate Republicans seek to restore state money to schools, social services
Pitt powers our region's economy: State support is vital to drive this engine of innovation and job creation
Stop education cuts
The state is shortsighted if it reduces already meager support for higher education
Letters to the editor: A college education must be more than a dream; Cuts hurt the city
Letter to the editor: Keep Pitt public
Editorial: Corbett proposals don't merit title 'trustee'